Sunday, 17 October 2010

Working girl

Heyh.. last monday I had this job interview for this job rental company.. They said that they would gladly take me there to work but there ain't suitable cleaning job (that's what I firstly applyed for) for me coz I can't get my self to tampere at 6am so the lovely lady who interviewed me said she will call me if there comes something suitable for me who's travelling by bus haha..:D

monday's outfit


So hour later she called me and said there's this postman job for friday in this big company's own post office thingy.. so there I spent my friday from 8am to 4pm..:D First it was only gonna be one day but I'm going to go there at next monday too..^^ glad to have something..:) and later there might be longer periods for working there..:D tho I'm quite scared I can't handle the job alone coz yesterday and monday I had and will have someone to help me, but later there might not be..;___; but we'll see..:P

friday's outfit
(quite boring but wanted to be comfy at work)

Had my cousin visiting us this week.. and we've had bakeing full week haha well okey two days..:D First one evening we decided to make pancakes: I made the paste and he baked them. Then on wednesday we made chocolate banana muffins..:D they were good but they didn't look like muffins at all..XDD Im quite sure that the paste did need something coz of the bananas were so moist and because that something missing they ended up looking like they were ~flat~..:D

I were planning my nail's for the up coming halloween meetup so now there's still the question what to were..:P well there's still few weeks left so no panic YET..XD

Today at evening I'm gonna go see my friends been long time since I last saw few of them..:) I quess we r gonna have a movie night..^^
P.S. Oh and herd this veery exiting but nerve racking thing about tsukicon Yumachi and Aina (egg models if someone didn't know) r coming to tsukicon to have their gig and signing thing..8DD it's way 'cool' to see them but scary like if u know what I mean..:DD
All for now byes ~!


  1. <- btw, ootko nähny ? Gal secretist :)

  2. oho! no onneks oli positiivisee laitettu haha..:D vaikka en nyt kyl siitä itteeni ottais vaik ei ois ollukkaa ku toi ny on mikä on..XDD