Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Meetup 3 @happi

So yesterday it was the time for third gal meeting at youth center happi.. And yeah this time inside coz of the finnish weather getting cooooold..:P but it was nice when everybody where in same space so it was easier to get to know others better..^^
For those who didn't know where the place were (including me) had a meeting at the railwaystation at 12.30.. so there I was trying to find the spot where it was planned to see before leaving to the happi coz I had no clue where it was.. But then luckily I saw this one gyaru Iris coming towards me who were also little lost and so together we found the place! :D
 Group pics..(took these from fb)

Had my first trip in subway (in finlands subway) on the way to the meetu place..:D yey..haha and so we were around 13.00 at happi.. At the meetu we played few games, danced, talked, hanged around, took pics and other stuff..^^  
We had this competition where we had 4 groups and in the groups
we need to take a pic with a theme and this is our groups pic
like princess and her servants..:)

blond ones..:DD(there is other pic with brunets..)
And now again it is one great galmeeting behind and anxious waiting the next one.. Halloween halloween! 8DDNow I just have a problem what should I wear? O_o

me and Silja

Anni me and Silja

   Tanja and me..

And oh I got asked along to this veeery exiting thing, but more about it later when things r more sure and stuff..;)

Outfit from sunday..

And my makeup

To meetu I was supposed to wear usamimi, 
but I got in a little hurry (not suprise hehe) 
so didn't have time to put it..:P

And last my monday's outfit..

I had some extra time while waiting my dad to come from work and pick me up at Tampere so I checked the new ginatricot (we have two now..:D) and did some shoppings.. But those u will see next time..^^ Oh and got my lashes from ebay yey!

Next time bye! ^^


  1. Aa hei btw mun nimi kirjotetaan iris : )

  2. Aa okei sowwy.. hyvä kun korjasit..^3^

  3. oot niin sulonen! onnea sait juuri uuden lukijan :D

  4. ääää kiitos!! <3 jee jee lisää vaan..^_____^