Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Quick Quick update!

 Got my first circle lenses yeyh! :DD  Geo angel brown r the ones I ordered..^^ Tryed them on yesterday first time and I need to say it was quite hard to put them on without any practise and even harder to get them out..XDDDD I were scared to handle them because fearing to broke 'em..8D

(no I don't have 'em on in this pic)

They felt quite weird at first but after wearing them few minutes I got used the feeling.. tho my eyesight got little blurred right away putting them on.. In the description it said that if it goes like that u should take them off  but does it mean that u can see only blurry or was that the case already with blurry only at sides? O__o someone who has been using contacts more HELP! XD

 current nails.. just something quick..:P

Another thing I did was I dyed my hair and the result well not as hoped that it could have been..:P tho I think the color suits me but I want it to be the same as before.. and now u ask why did I dyed it then well the color in my own hair were faded and roots roots..:P luckily I got one kinda blondish hair dye left so gonna use it..^^ hopefully the result is good after it..:P

Then about the thing I promised to tell u about more iiiis.. I'm gonna be modeling at Tsukicon in this gyaru fashion show..8DD quite quite nerveous about it especially after hearing that Aina and Yumachi will be there.. well I don't now r they there when we have the fashion show but.. *w* We'll see what's it going to be like.. atleast from my part..heheee *nervous laugh* 8DD

next time bye! ^3^


  1. uwaa can't wait to see them lenses on you! you'll get used to applying and removing them soon enough! gorgeous pics!

  2. thankies! <3 and yeah actually I took already few but they weren't so good so..^^ gonna take some pics when I'm wearing them again..^3^

  3. mistämistämistä tuo ihana vaaleanpunainen huppari on :)? tykkään sun hiuksista<3

  4. aa kiitos! ^~^ ja huppari on ginatricotista mut siit on kyl jo aikaa ku ostin ton et ei niit kyl oo siäl enää..://

  5. Miä oon kanssa miettiny circle lensejä.. en vielä tiiä uskallanko tilata jos ne ei käykään XD

    Nähdään fashion show'ssa ^w~

  6. Coco: no ite mietin kans samaa ensi mut sit aattelin et no ei ollukku 20€ et ei hirveesti häviä jos ei niit voi si käyttääkkää..^^ mut kyllä ne oli iha ok tuntuset ku vähä aikaa oli ollu päässä..^^ ja okei tsukissa siis! :DD