Thursday, 14 October 2010

Tre gal meetup! 9.10.

Yeah and Im quite late with this..;__; been just doind lots of other things than being here on my laptop..:P 

So last saturday it was the first gal meetup in Tampere.. Meeting started at 14.00, but I was already at 10.00am at the city.. So checked few stores while waiting Noona to come..^^

 Noona and me

 Together with Noona we walk to the railwaystation were it was supposed to meet first.. there were only two gal's plus us and we started to think like what this will be with four gal's, but at the end there were 9 of us (which included 6 members of chokopura)..^^

We left at the station and went to eat to this noodlebar "Wrong noodlebar" the food were so good!
after eating we found ourselfs a good place to sit and talk inside but as quessed the guard came quite soon and send us outside..:P Luckily there's always the movie theatre to hang around where no one ever throws out..:D  there we were bubbling and stuff and at the rest of the meetup we went to sit in cafe were people then lefted on their own ways while the day were changing to evening..^^

 Ada and me

Had a fun day and hopefully we get more gal's to Tampere meetups in future..^^
few outfit pics and my makeup..

Next time bye! :D


  1. oot niin söpö >.< ♥♥ !!

  2. aww Vois kans ens kerralla Tampereelle ilmestyä ku se on vähän lähempänä :) Söpöys!

  3. Tuu ihmees!! lisää vaa porukkaa sinnekki!! :DD ja kiitos kuin myös! <3

  4. Aaaa ~ Miä en sillon päässy tampere-miittiin ku olin töissä Q_Q Mutta ehkä seuraavalla kerralla sitten ~ ^w^

    Oot tosi söpö ♡ ^w^ Sun otsis on aivan täydellinen ♡ ♡

  5. kitto! <3 joo ens kerralla mukaa facen gal meetu yhteisös siitä oli jo vähä puhettaki et 20.11. kait..^^