Saturday, 23 October 2010

Qwak qwaK
(pic spam WARNING)

Thursday I went to the gig of Nephew to tampere. I were already at 2pm at Tampere coz we were supposed to go shopping and take some photos with Noona and at the same time I escorted my cousin to the railway station..^^

Tryed Noona's cute hat <3

Noona came to the railway station too and there we left to go in GT and after that to fleamarket to buy Noona boots she saw there before.. After shopping we took a bus to pahalampi where we were supposed to do our little photoshoot..:DD


When we got our photoshoot ended we continued to Noona's place to eat and get ready to the gig which started at 8pm..


First played this finnish duo and after that was Nephew..8DD They played only an half of hour! ;___; what r these half hour gigs nowdays?! :PP

It were a veery good gig tho! ^^ and worth paying 16 euros of the ticket..^^ And I got their setlist too we were in the front row..:D

Things I bought from GT:


 cardigan which I alredy have in different print 
had to bought it coz it was 50% off..:D

My orders from yesstyle:

skirt and denim vest

 shorts these were so cute <3

 Had fun with my sis last night..XD


  1. oh wow you girls totally look gorgeous! i love your coordinates and how adorable is that hat?!

  2. your so cute !
    i going to follow you !

  3. Saving Capulet: Yeah I was like that too to my friend like be careful with ur hat or soon u r going to find it in my bag haha :D and thank u! <33

    Suzu: Thankies! <3 and yey it's always pleasure to have new readers! ^3^

  4. Mullakin on toi gt:n gardigaani xD En muista nyt oikeaa suomenkielistä nimee. Gardigaani olis aika jees.

    Ihania noi sun nallekorva kuvat!!

  5. Sanna: gardigaani goes well! haha :DDD ja kiitos saa nähä rupeenko väsää itelleni tommosta..XD