Sunday, 27 March 2011

Spring!!! spring!! spring?! spring?

Last thursday went shopping with my sister. It were awful to walk through those shops coz they were full of  all kinda lovely spring clothes and there were soooo many I would have liked to have..;__;  But I controlled my self and bought only the ones that were the must haves haha..:D

So here are the ones that I bought:


usamimi, nailpolishes and shorts

Then made some internet shopping few weeks ago and now got two of those packages.

First my ebay bought, 
long hoodie with teddybear ears ^3^

Then my yesstyle's first order 
floral print playsuit

There is other one coming hopefully next week! ^^ hopefully it comes already at the start of the week! :D There's coming one shirt, tho I ordered 3shirts but they cancelled the two ones coz they were out of stock..;___;

And my outfit from friday

Now that there are those spring cloths there at the shops, it could start to show at the nature too! 8DD
Last week there were this one day it was like atleast +6 and it were sooo warm feeling, but the next day it went to minus somethin..>3< and now it's been snowing a little..:PP tho yesterday it were sunny..:) but oh well hopefully it wil start getting warmer soon coz me no want winter anymoreee! 

But now next time byes! <3


  1. I love the hoodie with bear ears! awr! *_*

  2. Thankies! <3 ^^ It's so warm and soft and fluffy haha.. love it too..^^

  3. Totta, vois näkyä jo luonnossa toi kevääntulo kun kerta vaatteissakin on jo..>.< mutta ihania ostoksia 8D<3