Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Ding Ding, Ding Ding, Jackpot!

So herd last weeks monday that I'm not going to get the job after all as a maternity leave replacement..:P There has been someone other applying the job and that one has somekinda privilege to get it if she wants..:P So need to start searching a new joooob..:PPPP

Then something else I took few photos with the candy brown lenses on, quite dark tho but hopefully u'll get somekinda idea..:DD

Luckily they didn't look that weird, only thing is that coz of my eys being so light and goldenbrown color of the lenses being light the black circle in those pop's up quite much. It doesn't look that bad but it isn't that natural that it would be with brown eyes but I like 'm ^3^

Oh and they were quite hard to put on coz the material being so soft, tho coz of that they were sooooo comfortable! :DD

Last saturday went to do little shopping, I needed to buy new pants for sleeping coz the old one well they were oooold and all ripped! XDD But as always found some other things too military style jacket, beret and scarf. And all these together cost only like 7 euros..8DDDDD

Saturdays look

yey for the dirty mirror..>3<

After I got home I needed to do quick outfit change for the night coz I went partying with friends..^^
Had so much fun that night! :DD Party oufit I don't have any images coz I were so in hurry but got few of my face..:P haha

sorry little blurry pics..:P

And today's look

 For the next post I hopefully get a chance to take some preview photos of the angel blue lenses and my shoppings..^^

But all for now, byes! <3


  1. oh I think the lenses suits you so well! your eyes are so big and pretty!

  2. Saving Capulet: Nice to hear! and thank U!! ^3^/

  3. Oot aina niin nätti<3 ja kivat noi lenset! 8D tiiätkö vielä siitä annyeongista?

  4. Voi kiitos! <3 ^^ vähä jänskätti niitte kans et miltä ne näyttää..:D joo kyl mä olisin näillä näkymin tulos..^^

  5. omg you look so pretty girl , cant wait to meet you again <3<3<3

  6. Oh thank u! ^^ <3 Yeah can't wait to see u too! <3