Saturday, 26 March 2011

Angel blue + new stuff

In last post I talked about my shoppings so here's the pics for u! ^^

Military style jacket, Seppälä 1€

Scarf, Kappahl 1€. Berret, Seppälä 1€

(actually I got those jacket and berret together with price 1,30€ coz there was this buy
3 sale items and get one free thing and my sister bought that third item..:D)

Then pics with the GEO Angel Blue lenses..

the blue color in them looks reealllly blue BLUE and unnatural but when they r on, 
the color isn't that bright and it actually goes quite dark atleast with my own eye color..:)

but I like the result how they look on me and u can tell that the color of the lenses is blue, even it goes quite dark..:)

 Last weekend we celabrated my friends 20th birthday by first going to their place to eat all those lovely foods and sweets that her girlfriend had made for the party! ^3^ After we were ready to leave to da cityyy we went to Rodeo where we were the previous weekend too..8DD

Had so much fun even tho we left quite early and the cloakroom guy dropped my bag which I left in the cloakroom, I had my eyeshadow/blush palette in htere and it broked.. luckily only one color went in to pieces but it was the one I used the most..;____;

My look for the evening

(quite bad photos and didn't wear that long sleeve shirt in the bar..:P)

And last, funny pic of my cat..
coming through some pile of clothes..XD

next time byes! (^3^)/


  1. omgomgomg you had birthday? happy late birthday girl <3<3<3<3<3<3

  2. noooo no no friend had! :DDD mine is still ahead at september..^3^

  3. Kivoja löytöjä teit kaupoista!

    Aww, suloinen kuva tuosta kissasta ;w; <3

  4. Kiitos! ^3^ haha joo se tunki ittensä nukkuu sinne alle ja sit ku menin huutelee sitä ni kuulu mau ja sit tunki päänsä sieltä pihalle..XD

  5. Hello, greetings from Bulgaria! Your blog is really cool and I love reading it. :-) I wanted to ask you - how do you do your bangs like that, on one side? I tried to do it with drier but it just doesn't work. :-D I'm looking forward to your answer.

  6. aether: Hellou hellou! ^^ nice to hear and thank u! <3 Im using my curler..:D I curl my bangs like downwards ends towards my forehead.. my curlers diameter is about 3,5cm so it's quite thic..:D hopefully u got somekinda idea of my explanation haha XD

  7. I definitely did, thank you! <3