Monday, 2 August 2010

Back from Oulu..

So here I'am back from my aunt's place.. It was quite 'happening rich' (as we say here) week.. Mostly watching out my seven year old twin cousins haha..:D it was fun but sometimes u just get too tired of them..haha

But so things we did well at monday the train left  at 3.15pm from Tampere and it was around 8-9pm at Oulu..

The trip was quite exhausting coz of the heat.. our seats were in this little doored logde or something where the air conditioning didn't work at all and temperature were +34*C at highest.. so imaging 5 hours in there..>3<

Tuesday we went to some shops and then went to flea market were I found Anna Sui's wallet I was like wow when I saw those (there were three of them balck brown and the green one which I bought) so had to buy it cost only 5,5€.. and I was actually looking for a new wallet coz the old one I had I didn't like..:P haha

Later that day we went to swim in the ocean to Nallikari which is a huge beach.. u need to walk atleast 100 meters to get in deeper waters..8DD and the weather were sooo nice when we went there and when I came back from swimmimg and my sister and cousins went swim again there started to gather these dark clouds and just when we were about to leave it started to rain like never before the drops were hurting when they hitted u..haha It was funny looking when everybody at the beach started to run off..XD and when we got to our car it started thundering and we all were soaking wet..:P

Wednesday we went to do little shopping at evening visited just in two stores.. Bought these-->
shirt, necklace and jacket from Kappahl and shorts from H&M

wednesdays outfit

Then at thursday we went to buy a wedding gift for my cousin and her son a christening gift.. At evening my other cousin came to visit for awhile and after he left we went to swim to this lake were the water were really clear.. u could see ur own toes at the bottom when the water reached ur neck and that's quite rare in finlands waters..:D

And friday were the wedding.. first there was this quick matrimony at register office then everybody left to celebrating place were they had a new matrimony and the christening for their son.. Then some ordinary wedding stuff eating dancing takeing photos and at the evening karaoke..:D we left earlyer than others coz of my cousins they started to seem quite tired and it were an 45min trip back to Oulu..

fridays outfit

my sister and cousins at register office

getting ready for the wedding

Saturday we went shopping again but this time to this shopping centre Zeppelin in Kempele which is few kilometers from Oulu.. 

And these I bought from there-->
tunic/dress from My Doris, bikinis from Seppälä and jewerlyes from H&M

saturdays outfit

Sunday we left home around 4pm and we were at Tampere at 9pm.. And today we r going to Virrat to see our other cousins from Germany at their summer cottage.. going to spend the next night there..:D

sundays outfit

and my current nails

Quite long post sorry for that..^^ but next time bye! ^^

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