Saturday, 21 August 2010

..Wardrobe chaos..
So tomorrow is the long waited second gyaru meeting yey! :D The whole week is gone for seraching the right outfit and planning how to make my hair and meiku.. The wardrobe I've turned over and over and over again and now most of my clothes have formed somekinda mountain at the end of my bed..

Luckily with some help from friend and my sister I've finally decided what to wear..:D The only broblem now is how I do my hair?! and theres only this night left to decide that and well the make up is a small question mark too..:P ^^ hopefully I figured it out at morning..:DD probably I end up with just normal curls..:P

But then some shoe shoppings..:D 

Bought these two pairs from citymarket which is this everyday supermarket here..:) together they cost only 20€..:D normally 40€ and 30€ so got them quite cheap..:D

And then these sandals from seppälä only 3€ together.. they r samekind but coz there was this sale thing that buy 2 sale products and the cheapest is free so I bought them in both colors..:D 

 and my newest nails.. which looks quite messy in this pic..:P

Next time pics and stuff from gyaru meeting! bye! ^^


  1. So many awesome shoes :) And I absolutely love the nails!