Thursday, 26 August 2010

Gal meet up!

I'm little late with this post.. coz I couldn't update at my grandparents place where I stayed after the meet up and yesterday I got home so here comes..

Last saturday I left home at 9am towards Ylöjärvi where I went by bus to the railway station.. At the bus stop I noticed that I didn't have enough coins for the bus trip 30cents missins.. luckily there were this lovely old lady who nicely gave me that 30cents (--> went there and asked her embarrassed could she have 30 cents for me)..X''DD

So I got in the train and to Helsinki.. There I was at 1pm and walked to Kamppi to wait Sanni and Silja.. Then we went to eat to this place called D' wok.. Then Tanja came there with us and after we ate we started to wait the meet up to begin at 3pm..:D 

When we got to the meeting place at 3 there already lot of gals.. It was so awesome to see sooo many pretty gals with their cute outfits and curly hair..:D There were about 40 of us..:D tho some left at the beginning already..:P
these two I took from our meetings group from fb

When we thought everybody were there we head to the purikura shop to take pics..:D I needed to change my highheels to my sandals (good that I took them with me) coz my feet were killing me-> got a huge blister..>3<

these two I took from our meetings group from fb

some of the purikuras we took..

After purikuras we went to buy some food and went to have our picnic in ruttopuisto..^^
Sanni had to go home already at this point..:/ but at the park there were some drunken guys who came to 'hang out' with us.. it was hmm awkward atleast then when they started to pull their pants of..X''DDD and few minutes later me and Silja almost got from bottle to our heads.. luckily we didn't..:D
And around 7pm me and Silja lefted too..

Here's my outfit from saturday..
Fanni took this..
took this photo from Silja's blog
I had curls when I left from home but coz of the damp weather they straightened quite much..:P and I was In a hurry when we left at home I didn't have time to take a pic of me..:P
Hopefully I wrote all I wanted..:D

Had looots of fun hopefully I'm able to go next time again which probably is at september someday..^^

 And then something about tomorrow going with my friend Kati to watch one of my fave britt bands Hurts to helsinki.. can't wait to see the guys..:DD <3 

But for now bye! ^^


  1. Jee oli kivaa ^^ haluun niitä kuvia joskus sun kamerasta 8D

  2. "I had curls when I lefted from home"
    se on left, ei lefted :-D mutta juu siis, olin vain tulossa sanomaan että olet ihan mahdottoman söpö ja ää ;u; <3

  3. Sunny: nii oli! <3 joo täytyy laittaa ku satutaa yhtäaikaa mesee..^^

    jennyii: hehe huppista kiitti korjauksesta..^3^ ja kiits kiits <3 ^^