Monday, 9 August 2010

August already
(lots of pics)

Sooooo.. We went to Virrat to my cousins summer cottage.. had fun there I even went to an morning swimming it was quite freshing..:D but not much about that let the pics speak..^^

My outfit from monday

 Thursday we went shopping with Meri to Tampere.. the last pieces of the sales..:D found few things which r..

saw this same kinda printed dress in popteen..:D

first five from gd, floral print dress from kappahl and
necklace from lindex

Thursdays outfit

After the shopping Meri left home and my other freind Tea came to pick me up to their place.. We went to buy some food and rent a film 'Imaginarium of doctor Parnassus'.. It was good movie tho quite strange..:D I were there over the night and at friday we were driving like hell..

first we went to the driving school were Tea had the second stage of driving school.. first we thought I can be there with her the whole time but the teacher said I can't go to this car track thing and so Tea drived me back to their home and there I spend three hours alone drawing haha..:D Then Tea's boyfriend came home and soon Tea too.. then we went to eat to this pizza place and after that went to pick Tea's little sister.. And at the same trip they drived me home..

Fridays outfit

Soon as I got home I left to Outi's place were we had this girl's night with our friends, tho I were there only few hours..:P we watched movie and ate..haha

Then at saturday I got new phone..:D It was my graduation gift even tho that was two months ago..:D
Samsung Jet s8000

Saturdays outfit (well part of it..:P)

Saturday evening I went to Outi's place again, she had these farewell party coz she's going studying to Estonia next weekend.. The party didn't start quite well coz the power were off because of this huge thunder storm we had here so we just sitted and talked of course.. but then around 10pm we maneged to get this aggregate working and got music and one lamp coz it was getting dark..:D oh and later a micro wave..XDD

At sunday I got back home and we went swimming but weren't long coz the thundering started again same kinda storm tho it went quick away but then at night again it started, the lightnings looked very nice against the dark night sky it was great to watch those, little exiciting tho..:)

Today it's been thundering too it could stop already.. we have had 5 thunderstorms already in one week..:P
well hopeing for better weathers, see ya bye! ^^


  1. Ihania kuvia *w*! HALUUN TON kukkamekon meen metsästää sitä XD oot niin nätti <3 mulla on melkein toi sama kännykkä tosin se on jo aika vanha XD toi vaaleenpunanen toppi sopii sulle tosi hyvin varsinki väriltään 8)

  2. aa kiiits! <3 ^^ mä oon kans metsästäny sitä vaik kui kaua näin joskus popteenis samannäköse ja heti ku näin ton sillo joskus kaupas ni oli pakko saada mut en raaskinu ostaa sillo ko se oli tullu kauppoihi ja sit nyt aleista oon yrittäny kattoo ja ensi toisessa paikkaa se oli alessaki viäl 20 sit yhes paikkaa ois ollu 10 mut ei kokoo ja nyt sit löysin 10 ja oikee kokose..:DDD tulipas pitkä selitys..XD