Monday, 16 August 2010

I wonder..

I've been thinking and wondering what u my readers think about my blog.. Like is it good that I wrote long posts once a week or would u like to read my posts more often? and what about the things I wrote: things I've been doing, outfits and stuff or would u like to see more fashion or makeup things or something else? or is it just good the way it is now..:)

I've been asking ur opinion earlyer too but didn't got any response but now when there's more of u I wish I can get some feedback..:) Of course I wanna keep my blog 'looking me' but u know what I mean..^^

so comments comments everyone!! :D


  1. I started follow fou recently but I'll give my opinion. ^^
    I think it's good the way it is, maybe more posts would be nice.

  2. okey.. thanx for the comment! ^^ I'll try my best to post more often..^3^