Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Summer and strawberries

I decided not to do the new things post after all coz u have seen most of them on the pics on me so here's only few newest things..^^

onepiece from seppälä
 and vest which goes well with the top

cancan hat modifyed from the original.. the brim were too wide
so I unstitched it and added that bow..

and ruffle skirt.. first I thought that Im just gonna try it coz it didn't look that good at the hanger
but when I tryed it on it was so cute so I had to buy it..:D

We made pancakes with my sister on thursday and ate them with cream and strawberries yum yum..^^

this is what u get when something goes horribly wrong at bakeing pancake..XDD

yep the cream went buttery.. it didn't taste bad tho..:D

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