Sunday, 25 July 2010


Next week Im going to spend at my aunts place in Oulu.. there's my cousins wedding at friday.. so Im quite sure I can't do post from there so u need to wait until I come back and I hopefully have pics from the wedding and other stuff from there so I can do somekinda post about it..^^ 

Been thinking my head off what will I take with me coz week is quite long time when talking about leaving somewhere..:P and the bag is problem too I don't wanna take too big but it can't be too small eather..:P 

we r leaving tomorrow with my sis.. going by train and the trip takes 5 hours..>3<  tho I like travelling long distances especially by car..^^

Something from the past week went to check the new Ikea at Tampere.. Bought mirror small table for my computer aand two pillows.. which I need to make pillowcases..^^ And gosh there were soooo much things I wanna have!! Everytime I've went to Ikea I always get this feeling of oh I wanna move to my own appartment! :D But still I like living here with my family but few years and I'm off (when I have money for that) haha.. ^^

Made strawberry cake of strawberryes from our own garden..^^ 

Now Im off to get my things packed up..byeee ^^

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