Thursday, 1 July 2010

Outfittoooos + other

The layout of my blog is changed again as or if u have seen..^^ This was something I made using allkinda brushes and then drawing somethings there hope u like it..:D

But to those pics I were talking.. here we go!

this outfit contains few new things I bought two weeks ago..
and talking about new things, I will do a pic post about my shoppings that I haven't shown yet..^^

Pic's from 18.6. when I and my sister went to watch the sex and the city two.. The movie were so hilarius and soooo much better than I expected.. coz ususally movies made of tv series and sequels aren't that good but I think that it was even better than the first movie..:D

Veera (my sister) looks soo much taller than me in this pic, she is taller than me but not that much maybe 2 cents..:D

Some weird things in Tampere's center..O_o

Water melon lollipops yum yum! <3

Today we went shopping with my sis. coz it's the summer sales and here's today's outfit..
(later things I bought)

That was all for now see ya later guys! ^3^


  1. Huijaako toi kuva vai ootko sä oikeesti noin ruskee! wataa, miks mä en rusketu ;______; ( toisaalta kipeänä sisällä istuminen tuskin edistää mun päivettymistä....)

  2. no ei mulla oo ku kädet ruskeet mul on meinaa sukkikset tos ni jalat näyttää noi ruskeilta..:PP mäkää en rusketu muutaku käsistäni.. ja mun sisko on iha sairaa ruskee se on talvellaki kauhee papu..>3<