Wednesday, 21 July 2010


Monday was the long waited concert of Muse and White lies as a support..<3 Both my favourite bands.. I was literally jumping on walls when I red that White lies is going to be as a support..:D

The concert was in Helsinki and we me and Kati went there by bus that were organized for the concert.. The bus left at 2pm and were in Helsinki at 4pm when the gates opened.. 

White lies

Before we went to queue we bought tour T-shirts..

Harry- White lies

We waited few hours before the first support band finnish Manna started to play and again about an hour before White lies started.. and then again an hour before Muse started..

Matthew- Muse


Little upset that I didn't take that much pics of White lies..:/ but atleast I have few..^^

Then my outfit from monday..

Coz of the concert I wasn't able to go this Gal meeting which was in Helsinki too.. it would have been so nice to see other gyaru's and meet new people.. luckily there's plans to keep that gal meeting again so waiting for that..^^

And that was all for now bye! ^^


  1. Voi eiiii en tajunnukkaa et White lieskin oli tuolla!!!!! Eikä :O tahtoooo nähä ne <3 se on ihana bändi!

  2. Nii on ihan sairaa hyvä..<3 ^^ oli kyl nii hyvä et ne lämppäs kun jäi väliin tuo Helsinki live..:P