Thursday, 15 July 2010

Hot hot tamale!

So came and went our farewell party to guys.. Had so much fun swimming going sauna, hanging, playing games and yeah beeing up all night (slept 2 hours at morning hehe) 8DD 

My outfit and meiku for our party..

When I got home at sunday I went straight to change my clothes to bikinis and spent the next two hours sleeping in the sun.. And that was a really good thing to do.. coz I were so tired I managed to keep myself just lying there in the sun coz mostly I just get frustrated about the heat and just lying still..:P so now I got tanned..:DD

Monday we went to swim to my little sisters godparents pond which is like half a kilometer from us.. her godfather made the pond himself and they have a little cottage there too even tho they r our neighbours..^^

Wednesday we had huge thunder storm..:P it was raining as pouring from a bucket.. But it was good little freshing to this tropic.. tho it didn't any help inside.. especially my room that is in upstairs is like sauna..-___-' sleeping is the worst thing and wakeing up at morning feeling like ur all tangled with ur sheets..:P but no can do..

And here is my new nails ignore the messiness..

and now byees! ^^


  1. O M G ! I fell in love with your nails <3

  2. WOW the pond pic looks amazing and so pretty! Looks good for a photo shoot!

  3. thanks..:D took that with my phone so didn't thought it would be that good pic but nice that u like it..^^