Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Tracon V and stuff

Last weekend it was Tracon, con that is held in Tampere.. I went there with Jasmin and her little sister Katariina.. Had a fun weekend..:D 

On saturday I woke up after 4 hours sleeps (coz of the night out with friends in our local bar restaurant -> home at 3 am hehe..8D) At Tampere talo where tracon were held Jappe and her sister were already there, i was at around 12.30..  So lots of walking around and checking some counters and then watching the cosplay competition.. 

Tampere talo


from saturday my outfit and face 

Jappe and her sister came to our place coz of tracon being two dayed (is that a real word?) so sunday again the same thing.. but on sunday there was group cosplay competition which is my favourite.. and then we went to this panel about yakuzas.. It was quite interesting but Jappe and Katsu needed to left at the middle so I left alone soon after it ended I lefted home too..

aand sunday's outfit and face

things I bought
pockys and don't remember the name of those sticks
but somekinda crunchy salty things 4 different flavors

 and then Ouran high school host club 10 and 11..^^
one of my favourite serieses <3

Overall there were very little any interesting programs which was a shame..:P but luckily the weather was good..:D

and to the end my fridays outfit..

and my current nails just something simple and quick

Hopefully I remembered all I needed to write..:D
but next time byees! ^^

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