Saturday, 10 July 2010

MoVieS mOviEs

Monday I went to watch Twilight - Eclipse with my friend.. You can tell the director were changed it was so much better than the first and second movie.. but still can't beat the book..;P

my outfit from monday..

ignore the hand..XD

I made an order last week to yesstyle and the package came at tuesday..
this is what I got..

just fell in love to it and then had to buy it..:D 
good thing was that it didn't cost much..^^

Then on tuesday too we made a little shopping with my sister 
and here's what I bought
Together all these were only 5€ :OO

vest about 15€.. got this 50% off


Yesterday I went movies again with my other friend.. we watched The Prince of Persia.. It were better than I expected and it were done nicely (occupation sickness XD)

and outfit -half of it- from friday..

Oh almost forgot ordered some new hair too last week and got them at wednesday..:D the color is strawberry blond and now I'm just waiting my mum to pring me new hair color from supermarket so I can dye my hair..^^

Today I'm going at my friends place.. we have party to our fellow guy's who r leaving to army next monday or tuesday not sure.. hopefully we have a fun night..:D atleast lots of people coming..:D so need to get my self ready soo byyyes! to the next time! <3

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