Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Kuru fest and the sunday after

On saturday it was Kuru (place I live in) market's.. it's an tradition at every summer.. few day's long Kuru fest which includes the market's at center and some music show here and there..

Don't have pics from there but here's my outfit..
Manki wasn't that happy to be in the pic..:D

by the way here u can see my new hair color..:D

At evening we went out with Meri to check the night life of Kuru 
and I can tell it looked like the whole Kuru were on the move..XD

At sunday Meri asked me to go on a trip to Murole's canal.. so we left at 8pm..

there is small cafe/grill thing there so we ate frenchfries and after that we just walked there and went sit to this bridge had fun bubbling and walking..^^

Next post will be about the Muse's gig from yesterday..:D next time byees! ^^

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