Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Soooo close!

So now a huuuuge pic post before xmas starting..^^

And first about yesterday.. needed to wake up early goz i had to go to dentist >3< it was supposed to be just an regular checking oh teeth, but theb they found this hole in my tooth so they said that they r going to drill it right away..:P it hurt.. >3< so when we came home from there i started to make this gingerbread house..^^ it is only like an silhouette and u can put candles behind it..^^ looks like an old english mansion or something haha..:D

And i didnt have much time to do anything to my face before we left so no eye make up at all, but i did my hair littlebit difrently.. (love that bow -> founded it at my grandmothers place)..and sorry the pic is quite bad..:P

and here is natural me..haha ^^

Today the first thing that happened when i woke up was that i got freaked out that what the hell is under my head and then i recogniced it to be my own hand XD it was all gone numb..XDD
then needed to do some last minutes house cleaning tho my own room is all messed up.. i were too lazy to clean it..XD

and when i didnt have no more houseworks to do we started to play dancemania on playstation with my sister..^^

there's soo many cute japanese songs in there..:D always dancing those..haha ^^ and that's my sister's messy room..XDDDDD

Made xmas nail's..^^ i tried to find some ideas from magazines but didn't find anything good so made something out from my head well th idea of that blending color isn't mine but yeah..haha..^^

but there where sooo much all kinda cute outfit's and clothes all over the magazine's that it made me wanna go shopping all new.. luckily there's going to be sales soon so yey yey..good bye for money..XD

and gosh i've been searching this popteen's model's name coz i only know it like this 大嶋瑞恵 so if there's someone who know's her name in romanji it would be nice to tell me..haha ^^ i love her haircolor (wanna have that kinda too..^^)

those outfit's just soooo cuteee!

here it end's see u soon after xmas i quess..^^ happy holiday's everyone! ^3^


  1. I'm not sure but I think it's Oshima/Ooshima Mizue? She's adorable anyway! :3

  2. Ohh the gingerbread house (or old english mansion :P) looks amazing!

  3. oh thankies..^^ last year i made this tim burton style house always doing something different..^^