Sunday, 6 December 2009


Finally i managed to go shopping yesterday..:D
tho i went alone coz my sister had something else to do and then my friend didnt answer to my textmessage..:PP but well sometimes its nice to go alone, u can go where u want and spent as much time u want trying things on..^~^
I wasnt supposed to spent money as much as i did hehe, but what can u do when there's allkinda lovely things..^__~' ;D

-the knit was like soooo perfect just what ive been looking for! :DD
-and now i can start to read the last book of the twilight series it was like 15 euros cheaper than originally..:D
-those vest and dress were soo cute i had to buy them and they were in sale too..:D
-then some panties
-nailpolish (nowdays always when im at shops i buy new nailpolish..XD)

-emery boards
-and my favourite chocolate!<3 :DD

then there was this reaaally cute dress actually a nightgown but it could be used as a summer dress..^^ i didnt bought it but i brobably get it as a xmas present..^3^ it shows a little in this pic :3 (the pink thingy) there was mint green too and im not sure yet wich color i wont both were cuuute..>3<

Then something else..^^
i listened korean net radio and found this new band called 엠블랙 (MBLAQ)<3 they debuted in October 9, 2009 so they r a very new group..^^
good music and reaally hot guys..;DD their mv for the song "oh yeah" is just rawr the choreography m mm..;D (fan girling XDD) haha Lee Joon is my fave boy! <3

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