Monday, 21 December 2009

Starting to look like x-mas~

So now it has started the long waited holiday! haha..:D we've been burning candles at evenings (being the only light) since saturday..^^ it so nice how it feel's so cosy and lovely..<3 make's u wanna grab a good book, take a blanket and bury ur self to the corner of a couch..^^
and whaaa only two day's and it's christmas eve! yey yey!

my messy room

I fryed marshmallow's today.. i dont like them that much like "raw" but when u fry them it's soooo yummyy..:3 and i got my tonque burned >3<
looks quite suspicious XDDD

i didn't have time to buy a christmas present for my friend Kati so i hired my sister to buy her something coz they went to shop xmas food's of course she called me and asked what would be good and what she had founded soooo hopefully it's good what she bought..^^ im always too late with these gift things and im soo poor to buy anything coz i mostly dont have a clue what would be good..:P and always getting that feeling when i get present from someone that "oh no again i got this nice present and mine is just naah..:P" need to practise for that if it's even possible..XDD


  1. I just love ur new look! Do u have something different make ups or sumthin' 8D dunno

  2. Kui uus lookki? :DD ja voi kirjottaa iha suomeks..^^ ja yleensä laitan aina samalla lailla meikin mut sit vaa vaihtelen värei..^^

  3. no en tiiä, näytät erilaiselta :D joo en tiiä ikin pitäskö kirjottaa just enkuks vai suomeks mut enkku jää päälle ku lukee sun böogii :P

  4. aijaa haha..:DD kieltämättä aina itellekki jää enkku iha sikan aina päälle sit ku on viäl paljo kavereit kenen kans puhuu enkkuu melkei joka päivä..XD ja sen oon huomannu et ajattelen tosi usei enkuks..:D