Tuesday, 29 December 2009

came and went

So the christmas went again eating and watching tv :D haha this year's xmas was again same as every year our family's traditional way.. my grandparent's came as always, usually they have come on the eve of christmas eve but the weather was so bad so they came at christmas eve..^^ we planned to wake up early at the morning with my sister so we could watch this childrens xmas program called 'Joulupukin kuumalinja' in english 'santaclauses hot line'

i know doesn't sound like children's program XDDD (it has come as long as i remember). Well i missed almost the whole program coz i started to decorate the three and then i went to color this meme i were drawing..:P

then we ate rice porridge, went to sauna, ate christmas meal and opened the present's

and now pic's of present's and stuff..^^

my xmas look haha

and the present's i got

cute cute dress! :3

i got three books but in the pic there's only those two.. the third one was the fourth book of the twilight series which i already had so we r going to go change it to that second (new moon) and then i have all the books at myself..^^ the other book (not eclipse) that is in the pic i got from my friend..^^ and the cd it's from my cousins from germany, the band silbermond i haven't never herd of but the cd was sooo great..:D so it was a good 'risk' from them to buy it to me..^^

the thicker curler which i told earlyer..^^

and the gift from the china from my aunt..^^ it is a stamper with my name in chinese and western..^^ and the animal there is my chinese horoscope..^^

i quess that was all about it..^^

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