Thursday, 17 December 2009


It has get cold in here! this week it's been like between -14 to -20 ...O3o well tho it's good coz then there will be snow and all the places looks so glittery white and pretty! <3

Yesterday i kept my day off.. and today it felt i could have been home too coz i needed to woke up at 5am and then i was at the office already at 7am and all the six hour's that i was at office i didnt do anything (except drew and red this fanfic of jareth and sarah..8D) so yey way to go work day..hahaha..:D

(dirty window..XD)

One day left and then XMAS HOLIDAYYYYY!!!! \(^3^)/ and after i get from work tomorrow im going for christmas shopping with my dad..^^ (believe it or not he's quite a shoppaholic..hahah 8DDD)
It's so hard to believe that only week and then it's xmas..:DD thinking way back its just feel's that it was just yesterday when it was still like month to go.. so the time flyes..:P ^^ sometimes it's good and sometimes not..:P

I need to soon left to watch my little sister's christmas school play..:P they were about to keep it at outside first but coz it's so cold there (luckily) it's inside..^^

havent been wearing that vest since last year..:D already forgotted how i liked it..:D


  1. Nätskä toi vika kuva ^^ jep hurrr kylmä on tullu tosiaan :<<< mut sentää lunta!

  2. kiitos! nii onneks on lunta lumi on kiva mut kovat pakkaset ei..>3< ^^