Saturday, 12 December 2009

week left..

Can't wait can't wait!!! 8DDDD week to go and then xmas holidayyyyy! :D actually my holiday starts already at thursday or friday coz ive been doing extra hours at work, and the reason for that is that i didn't want to load my buss card for holiday so im going with my boss (she lives near us) and she's doing longer days so i get a free day or two of the hours ive been doing over..^^ Then i have looooots of things i wanna do at holiday: need to paint a pic to this one shirt i have and then i have lots of drawing ideas (tho ive been drawing already some stuff's)and then theres two pair of shoes that ive planned to paint too..^^ and then of course the long waited xmas!! i just love xmas! not just because u get presents but i like the foods and the whole thing, the feeling of it.. decorating the three and house.. candle's, smell's and then there's always coming good programs and movies from tv..XD hahah..

Talking about presents, im going to have not sure is it wider or thicker the right word when talking about curling iron..haha but hopefully u get the idea..^^ i had this like million years old one and its soo thin that the curls u get r so tiny..^^

It's been already like a christmas feeling coz its been snowing and there's still snow falling from the sky actually..^^

Then some pics from past week..^^

I totally almost forgot to show my new nails..^^


  1. ihanat kynnet ! :---))
    rakastan harmaita lakkoja <3

  2. thankiees! ^~^ oli kyl hiukan vääntämist noissa tähdissä ku se lakka kuivu iha sika nopee koko aja..XDDDD

  3. ihana toi nuttura, miten sait noin tasasen? Onks siin joku hiusverkko päällä tvs :D?

  4. kitto! ei oo hius verkkoo..ja laitoin eka ponnaril tonne ylös ja sit tupeerasi pikku osio kerrallaa sitä "töyhtöö" XD ja sit laitan sen pinneilla sinne alle kii nii et siit tulee tommone ja sit lakkaa vaa..:DDD