Tuesday, 1 December 2009

new moon again (this time in the sky)

Gosh i just love full moon! *3* <3 it has this little mesmerizing effect on me.. i like to stare at it O_____O XDDD and i have little bit lunatic on me too its hard to sleep sometimes when it is fullmoon..>3<

its sooo pretty outside little bit clouds and the moon shining there so bright ang huge.. all the trees get this black little bit blueish silhouette..<33 and i had this little moment, when i was out with our dog at the field where goes this small brook, i stopped at the edge of it and all those black silhouettes of trees and the clouds reflectioning at the water (soo prettyy<3) it felted just like there could have come somekinda creature out from the woods at other side of the brook..haha..:D (my horror/fantasy side coming out XD) but yeah pretty pretty! ^3^

few outfit pics~

Then i decorated my phone again or actually painted it again at weekend..^^ i got bored with those leobard spots..^~^ theres few things now too that came out quite crappy..:PP

and yesterday i bought this white cap/cosy from H&M normally it would have been 5e but theres this 20% of at one purchase so it was only something around 3e..^~^ im going to add an bobble on it later..^^


  1. Toi känny on aaw.:D<3Luuv it. :3 Ite aattelin kans koristella pian ton omani kunhan keksin jonku mukavan teeman. ^__^

  2. kiits..^3^ en oo vaa iha tyytyväinen kaikkii noihi ku osa vähä plörps..>w< mut en jaksanu sit ruveta ottaa pois ni annoin vaa olla..^^