Friday, 4 December 2009


Again time to sleep some sleep debts away..XD And i wanna go shopping!!! >3< and then i want xmas holiday to start and owl citys t-shirt and and and..
today my teacher visited at the work place where i am to check what ive been doing there and the place..:PPP it was quite disturbing..XD and i got my advertisement that i did in this one newspaper..:D cool ha!? ^^

I dont know what should i write here coz now its almost been only what ive been thinking or doing..:P and i would like to do something else..:P but what could that be? ô__o i dont have many readers (not atleast many "official") but if u have any suggestions i would be glad to know what would u like to read here..haha..^^ so comments r veeeery welcomee! ^~^

and here's again pics from the week..:P

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