Monday, 9 November 2009

Ordinary school ended for this year! *3*

My first day at practical training..^^ im "working" at this advertising agency KarpaloGroup in Tampere..^^ doing little designing things (those ones that arent so important..XD so dont need to worry that much that gonno ruin companys image..haha)
I was supposed to leave at 16:00 buuuut i was so into that thing i was doing (or not..)that when i left the building it was 16:30 already.. so my plans to go get new hair spray were ruined.. wonder how im gonno survive tomorrow with out it..;__; hahahah :D

and damn i've been laughing at this! XD Laurent linked it to show how to say déjà vu right but that video is just so random..XDDDD

edited: and happily that link aint showing! >3<

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