Wednesday, 11 November 2009

sleepy heddo..*3*

Today ive been soo tired almost fall asleep while i was doing some card designing thing..*____* today need to go sleep at least 22:30.. coz otherwise im not gonno survive of the rest week..:PPP at morning there was so pretty outside! the moon was only a crescent anymore, but it was so bright and all the threes were covered by snow..^~^ coz of that got a xmas feeling! :DD

quite grappy pic..;P

and here is view from my working place..:P there goes railway 20 meters away so trains always passing by..:P

gonno order the stuffs from yesstyle today..^^ putting pics later..^^
and i should finnish coloring one of my drawings but im always too lazy to start doing it.. haha ;P and actually i should draw some new pics too.. i hate when i have lots of ideas what to do but then i just cant pic my self up and do it..:P

censored my face nicely..XD

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