Monday, 16 November 2009

waiting for friday~!

This weeks friday going to watch New moon with my friend at the premiere..^^ cant wait..:D been waiting this movie since i saw the first one coz i liked the second book better..^~^ hopefully this is much much better than the twilight..^^
today was quite bad weather it was all cloudy and the whole day have been dark all the time..>3< and its been warmer than last week so the snow is melting away..:PP

Im anxious to know when my orders r here..>3< im sure that it will come this week but want it now! *3*

Here's the pic of the knit that i ordered last time..^^

just love love love it! those little bunnies with their little pearl necklaces and bows r so cute! *3^

and here's some pics from today~

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