Saturday, 14 November 2009


Sooo..After school me and my friend Noona went to shopping and the first idea was to go drink cup of some cocoa but then we were hit by this wave of saving some money and we bought just something to drink at the grocery store.. i bought this strawberry milkshake and Noona bottle of juice..^^
And when we went to Lindex (clothing store)there was this sale rack and Noona found me this David Bowie shirt that i'd been drooling some time ago and now it was only 12€ (norm. 20€) so i had to buy it..^3^<3

and then i bought this yellow nail polish 3€


  1. Ihana takki! Ja mistä oot ostanu ton kaulaliinan?

  2. kaulahuivin ostin joskus viimevuonna alesta hm:ltä..^~^