Sunday, 8 November 2009

Father's day

Today was the fathers day n my grandparents where here to visit..^^ Ate cake actually we had two different kinda cakes..:P ^^ me n my sis made chocolate cheese cake yum yum! ^3^ and the other cake was just an ordinary cake..^^

I hate our tradition that at every father's and mother's day we need to make an breakfast to bed.. (donno the real word for it in english but hopefully u know what i mean) the idea of it is nice and they deserve it, but its just it that i hate to wake up so early! >3< so today I've been sooo tired and my head hurts..*___*

And coz i promised to my younger sis that i would do her banba/manba meiku, i did it today and she was a very cute banba..haha (thats what it turn out, tho she had few stickers under her eyes which ain't banba as im convinced)..:D but now need to run! ^^

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