Thursday, 12 November 2009


Episode VII
The New Rebellion
Galaxy : Tampere
Planet : YO-talo
Date : 26.02.2010 A.D
Length: 22:00 - 04:00

u uu! can't wait!!! *3*

And aeew YB's new song sounds so nicee! okey started quite randomly..XD

I've been posting every day now since i started..8DDD but im quite sure that this ain't gonno last forever..XD the attraction of new..hahah..^^

met my friend at bus on the way home, he said that we should have somekinda
pre-Christmas party with our little "Poikelus group"..:D we have this small group of people who live here at the same area that we r calling "Poikelus porukka(group)"..^^ hopefully every one can come to those partyes.. coz havent seen my friends for looong time..^^ well somedays at the bus but not like really seen..^^

and tomorrow going to cafe with Noona after school(work)..^~^ cant wait that eather..^^ and now i quess that was all for today..^^

oh and my todays outfit....

...and the things i ordered..^^

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