Wednesday, 18 November 2009


Feeling quite bad had some troubles with mom..:P got mad at me of something that i didnt even do..donno what for..:P

but soooo more fun to come at friday..8DD told u earlyer that going to the movies with Kati.. yesterday she send me a text message that we r going to go partyy with girls..:D my other friend Meri had her 18th birthday yesterday so we r going kinda like celebrate it..:D and i donno what should i wear..;P and then i need to do my nails coz these old ones r already all color gone..:P

and my orders has arrived in Vantaa yesterday.. so hopefully the package will arrive soon here..^~^

yesterdays (had to take a pic coz i had jeans on 8DDD) and todays outfit

yey yey at bathroom of my work place..XDDD

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