Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Founded my long goone love again!

Ive been listening nrj's dance net radio while working and they've been playing there this Edward Maya's song stereo love, and then find out that he's romanian dj and musician.. and then listened some other songs from him and founded other romanian bands that i had been listening years ago..Akcent and these numa numa quy's O'zone..hahaha i was like huuuuge O'zone fan when their first hit song came out(have that cd too XD) and few years after camed this song called Kylie (Dragoste De Inchiriat) from the band Akcent.. liked that too (not anymore tho, it isnt the best song from them).. this years album is maybe the best..^^


all this Romania thing started when i saw my first vampire movie (Bram Stoker's Dracula like 8 years ago i quess.. and like i quess u know Dracula's from Romania..^^ so thats how i got "kicked"...^^ then started my vampire "fangirling" too..^^ I quess i have little bit wierd music taste in some points but who cares..hahaha..:D and quite wide too.. i can listen rammstein and then this super hyper eurobeat parapara stuff and everything in the middle..hahah XD ^^

now something else..^^ going to go get my package at friday..^~^ been waiting those like over two weeks..>3< i should have get it last week but coz of that toll..*w* but friday..^^ not much anymore..^^

yesterday i had this kinda like boyfrendo style outfit.. tho my jeans r little bit too tight for it..:P i should buy some real guy's jeans..:P

and today more girly..^3^

loots of looots of pics..>3<

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