Sunday, 22 November 2009

New moon

Soo yesterday or actually at friday coz its already over midnight..XD I was at the movies with Kati at premiere of the second movie of twilight saga New moon..^^ it was better than the first one..but still there were so much things missing and things that were wrong..:P and things i didnt like..:P but not anymore of those..haha..^^ still wanna see it again soon coz i always get this weird feeling after i've watched some good movie at the movietheater, that i dont really know what have happened in it and cant remember all..:P i donno why it's always happening..:P and i hate that feeling..>3< actually the same happends after gigs too..:P but sadly u cant watch it again at anytime u want..:P well it was nice to see Kati again for while..^^ tho our plans to go party and dancing didnt work coz Kati got sick..:/ we decided to go some other time then..^^ hopefully soon coz dancing is just love love! ^~^

Then about the orders.. at thursday i got letter from customs post that they have my package and it needs to be checked..:P so didnt have my package yet..>3< but next week i will hopefully.. coz they will send it to tampere's customspost and then going to go get it at there..:P it's a shame tho i have to pay that damn 22% vat..

then i painted my nails the result wasnt as good i planned it to be but going with these as long as the polish stays..:P

heres the pic of the previous paintings (not sure if thats the right way to say it but hopefully u understand ^^)

And here's the new ones..^^

pics r wayyyy bad..sorry for that..:P


  1. sooo cute pics ;___; and love ur nails<3

  2. thankieeees! <3 kuva vaan sukkaa iha sikana..XDDD