Saturday, 28 November 2009

And the packet holds?

Got my orders! yeyy! :D It was so scary to go to that customs place.. there where people in uniforms and it was silence all over (XDD)and when it was my turn i walked to that counter and sat to that chair the table was so high that i needed to get up to do the signing thing..XDDDD well then the lady said that okey lets go get the packet from that other counter there..then she gave me the packet and a knife and said open it..i was so nervous about the whole thing that i felt stubid..XDDDD then she asked is there all i ordered and said that the vat is so low that i dont need to pay anything (which was good ofcourse)..^^

And heres the things:

Fake ugg's with zebra stripes <3 (the sole of those shoes r like sooo stiff that it feels funny to walk with those..:P hopefully it goes more flexible at use)

and the leopard printed hoodie! <33

And two free gifts, yesstyle mirror and mobile strap:
(i have those mirrors two now..XD)

after we got the packet we went to this huge store which has allkinda interior decorating and house building stuffs and all to buy wall paints..^^ we r going to paint my and my sisters rooms..^^ but yesterday we just bought paints to my sisters room and mine we paint later..:P ^^ cant wait to have new color on my walls..:D


  1. Ihanat<3 :D minkä väriset seinät tulee? *~*

  2. hmm varmaa semmosta tummaa harmaata ja sit vaaleenpunasta tai semmosta tumma lime (myrkyn vihree ehkä, väri kartassa wasabi..XD)..:D olipas sekava selitys..*3*